Lead Gen ID: Moving from Lead Forensics to Leadfeeder

This article has all you need to know about moving from Lead Forensics to Lead Feeder. Access to Lead Forensics will end on July 31st.

How to Export Your Lead Forensics History

  1. login with your email/password at portal.leadforensics.com
  2. click on your Visitor List
  3. in the upper left, adjust the date range to be Jan 1, 2016 to present day
  4. after the results load, click the export option on the upper left


How to Find Your Lead Forensics Login

You may not have a login if you are receiving the weekly email with a spreadsheet of your visitors. 

If you don't know your login or password, try the password reset option at portal.leadforensics.com using your email address to reset your password. 

If that does not work or you have questions, please contact support@gisplanning.com and we can export your visitors list. 

How to Get You Lead Feeder Login

We'll have your tracking implemented before you get your login credentials. If you have not received a notice with your login credentials for Lead Feeder

Need Help? Have Questions? 

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at support@gisplanning.com 




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