Checklist: Implementing ZoomProspector & Intelligence Components

Checklist: Implementing ZoomProspector & Intelligence Components on Your Website

You'll be placing your ZoomProspector and your Intelligence Components on multiple pages across your website. All of these pages should be found in your site's main navigation. Often, clients will create a top-level navigation item called Data Center. 

Embedding your ZoomProspector for Property Search & Analysis

First, you'll need to create a new page for your ZoomProspector. Call the new page Property Search & Analysis in your top navigation. This needs to be done first and then published to your live site to allow the Share option to work properly so you can complete the next steps. Follow this guide to ensure you're correctly embedding your ZoomProspector. Example.

Adding Community Search & Analysis

In your top navigation, add a link called Community Search & Analysis. You'll do this by going to your new Property Search & Analysis page and clicking Explore Communities. Choose what geography to show from the pulldown, if you have multiple communities in your region, like this:

Once that option loads, click the Share button and grab the URL. That URL will go in the navigation link for Community Search & Analysis--this will be a link to your Property Search & Analysis page rather than a new page itself. Example.

Adding a Community Comparison (optional, but recommended)

Just like Community Search & Analysis, you'll create a link in your navigation called Community Comparison. You can compare any cities or counties across the US. Most clients create a comparison of a) communities within their geography, or b) common comparisons they use with external communities. 

To create a comparison, go to your new Property Search & Analysis page and click Compare Communities. Add communities then view the Comparison Reports--grab the URL in the Share option for your new navigation link. Example.

Basic Intelligence Components (IC) Implementation

Your Intelligence Components can go in an overall navigation section called Data Center and they can go on existing pages relative to their content. All Intelligence Components can be customized by geography. Consider creating multiple pages to feature individual geographies in your region using Intelligence Components. 

Community Profile
This gives a comprehensive look at a community in graphical form. It can be customized by geography. A minimum, create a [Place] Overview page that has this script on it. Optional, but recommended, is to create pages for each community with the Community Profile on that page. Example.

Create a page called Community & Demographic Data and add the Demographics IC on it. Optional, but recommended, is to create Community & Demographic Data pages for each community with the Demographics IC on that page. Example.

Create a new page called Explore Businesses or Business Explorer and embed the Business IC. Note: the customization option below is essential to get the most out of the Business IC. Example.

On any talent, education, and workforce page, place the Talent IC. If you don't have one already, create a new page called Talent & Education and place the Talent IC on it. Example.

If you have a maps or GIS data page, the Mapping IC can replace your GIS viewer once you've sent your GIS data to us. If you don't have a GIS/maps page, add a new page called Mapping & GIS Data and place your Mapping IC on it. Note: the customization option below is essential to get the most out of the Mapping IC. Example.

Customizing Intelligence Components

Business IC Customization
You can add custom business clusters and display them automatically on your industry sector pages. If you have existing industry sector pages, simply add the custom Business IC with the script set to display that custom cluster. If you don't have industry sector pages, add new pages called [Name] Sector (or similar) for each one then add the customized Business IC to that page. Example.

Individual Community Profiles
A great tool for SEO, create pages for each community (city, county, etc) in your region and use the Community Profile IC for that community on each page. Call these new pages [Place] Overview. Example.

Demographics IC Customization
The Demographics IC can be customized to show either Labor Force, Demographics, or Consumer Expenditure data. Additionally, the IC can be set to expand all data groups and show graphs by default. Use this option on pages related to Labor Force, Demographics, or Consumer Expenditure. If you don't have existing pages, create three new pages called Business & Labor Force Data, Community & Demographic Data, and Consumer Expenditure Data. Example.

Mapping IC Customization
Show your own GIS/ESRI data or our standard layers on content specific pages to illustrate map data. Anywhere you want to show map data, you can use a custom or standard GIS data layer to illustrate the data with the Mapping IC. Simply add the custom Mapping IC with the script set to display that custom map layer(s) to the existing or new page. Example.

Minimum Front Page Placement In Addition To Navigation Placement

Dedicate space on your websites front page or sidebars on subpages to link to your Property Search & Analysis and Community Search & Analysis pages. Additionally, consider doing this for pages with your Community Profile, Business, and/or Talent ICs on them. Make it easy to find these tools and data. Example.

Using Share Links To Deep Link Into Your ZoomProspector

You can deep link to any report in your ZoomProspector by viewing a report for a community or property and grabbing the Share link for that report. That URL can be linked to any text on your website. Use this liberally as the potential is limitless and keeps website visitors engaged with your site. 

Links From Other Sites

You get an SEO boost and engaged visitors if you can have local and partner websites link directly to your Property Search & Analysis and Community Search & Analysis pages. Reach out and ask local cities, counties, chambers, realtors, universities and other business organizations to link to these pages. 

Where to Get Embed Scripts

All scripts are in your ZoomProspector's Admin at Sign in and go to: 

Tools/Embed your ZoomProspector
This will give you to code for your ZoomProspector. IMPORTANT: Follow these instructions for properly embedding your Zoom Prospector. 

Tools/Intelligence Components
This has all the options for standard and customized IC scripts. More on custom business clusters, community profiles, and custom map layers

Tools/Clusters Management
This is where you'll build and manage your custom business clusters. 

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