Property Results

1. Hover your mouse over the downward pointing arrows at the top of the individual building or site results (aka property cards) to Save to Folder, View Reports and Zoom to Property.

2. While hovering over an individual building or site result, the corresponding icon will be highlighted on the map.

3. On the top left of the results section there are 4 link options: Print, Sort by, Export and Advanced.

4. Hover your mouse over these 4 link options to access the following functions:

  • Print: Print results.
  • Sort by: Sort by name, address and availability.
  • Export: Export results to several publishing software programs including Microsoft Word & Excel, email and PDF.
  • Advanced: Click Change Orientation to view the property cards horizontally.

5. These link options are also available at the bottom left of the results section.

Note: If the results exceed the width of the page use the arrow at the right and left of the results to navigate.

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