Search for Properties

1. Click either the Sites or Buildings icons under Find on the interactive search menu at the top-left corner of the map section.

  • Size: Enter the range of square feet (buildings) or acres (sites) you are looking for and the financial status (lease or for sale).
  • Type: Select as many building types that apply to your search. Click one of the main 4 types to display and select numerous sub-types.

2. To do an advanced search click the More Filters button at the bottom left corner of the interactive search menu.

  • Assets: Select all assets that apply to the desired property such as Parking or Sublease.
  • Filter By: Search for a specific city by entering the city name or choosing from the drop down list of cities. Or select a custom area with the polygon or radius tools.
  • Enter the address or property name, ceiling height (buildings only), and either the lease rate or sale price
  • If using the select by user defined polygon or radius, after drawing the area click inside the shape and select "Apply". Any additional search parameter can be added to the search dialogue and then click "search".

3. If you have entered search information and decide that you want to clear the menu and start over, click Reset/Minimize under the Search button on the bottom right corner of the menu.

4. Once you have completed the menu, click Search and review the building or site results presented.

5. If you are not satisfied with the results, hover over the Based On link, view current search criteria and click Refine Search to make changes. You can also select the Sites or Buildings icon on the search menu and start over.

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